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Dr. David G. Hebert

大卫.恩贝耳博士是卑尔根师范大学音乐教授[Grieg Academy],他主要负责音乐教育的博士项目。此外,他还在多个国家的大学和机构担任教学和研究工作:美国波士顿大学芬兰西贝流士学院 新西兰毛利大学国际日本文化研究机构俄国莫斯科州立大学。在2009-2011年间他还负责国际历史人种学研究团队工作。目前,他正担任6种不同杂志的编辑员。



Talent Research Project: 天才教育

ISME: 反思器乐教师教育专业化问题


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1. Journal of Music and Meaning (review essay)

2. International Journal of Community Music

3. Visions of Research in Music Education

4. Parlando (in Hungarian translation; English version online)

5. Research and Issues in Music Education (article and rejoinder)

6. Research in New Zealand Performing Arts (article and review)

7. International Journal of Education and the Arts (review 1 / review 2)

8. International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music

9. Asia-Pacific Journal of Arts Education

10. Journal of Research in Music Education

11. Finnish Journal of Music Education (2 articles)

12. Japanese Journal of Research in Music Education (brief conference summary, in Japanese translation)

13. Japanese Band Directors Association Journal (2 research articles in Japanese translation)

14. Journal of the Indian Musicological Society (reprinted in book)

15. Contributions to Music Education

16. Journal of Band Research

17. Yamanashi Journal of General Education

18. International Journal of Music Education

19. NBA Journal


20. Music Education Research International

21. Southern Journal of Music Education


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